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This web page was last updated on November 30, 2017
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Message from the IEHA President
November 30, 2017
Greetings Members!

Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in!

So things happened that were beyond our control as life always tends to do and now you are stuck with me for another go-round. While the circumstances are not ideal I promise to continue fighting for you and the LEHP Act renewal. One positive of this situation is that it won’t take me months to figure out what I am supposed to be doing or who is responsible for what. Been there and done that. I really did enjoy my time as President last year and look forward to doing it again. This time with even better results.

I had mentioned at the AEC that one of the great things of being on the Board of IEHA is the networking. At conferences in the past I would sit in the back and try not to get noticed. I had a few colleagues I would chat with but nothing too serious. Now I can look out from the podium in front of the class and recognize over half the people in the audience. I can walk up to them and ask them how their kids are and what the latest is with their professional or personal lives. By being involved in the association I have been able to help myself and my employer by staying on top of trending issues. We say we are the invisible profession yet some try to avoid interactions that make us uncomfortable. Well no more. At future conferences you will see more social activities for membership. We will provide opportunities to “give back” to our communities.

As part of my duties, I will be planning the AEC at Starved Rock on November 5 - 6 of next year. There will be guided tours of the canyons, a falconry class, a bonfire with s’mores (BYOB), donation boxes and possibly a blood drive. I tried for a “Feed My Starving Children” type of event but was unable to make the timing work out. If you have other recommendations feel free to email me at and I will look into making them happen.

As Always,

Take Care

David Banaszynski

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Rockford, Illinois 61126
Phone (815) 977-5884
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