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Message from the IEHA President
July 10, 2017
Greetings Members!

In the last article I talked about possibly having the 2018 Annual Education Conference at Starved Rock Lodge. The contract has been signed and we will be there November 5th and 6th next year! This year’s conference is in East Peoria at the Holiday Inn and Suites October 19th and 20th. I hope to see you there.

Back in April, in association with the Illinois Environmental Coalition and IPHA, I traveled down to Springfield for their Environmental Legislation Day. Lenore Killam and I attended a couple legislator receptions the night before where I was able to meet and speak with Representative Robyn Gabel. She is the legislator who brought forth HB3693 extending the LEHP license another ten years. I thanked her for her efforts understanding that the renewal would have to wait until next year. In short, IDFPR did not want to set precedent by having our profession leap frog others. After speaking with IDFPR, I can assure membership that this was the only reason that the Bill was delayed. While down at the capitol I was able to have a meeting with Senator Christina Castro. I explained our mission and she is on board. I was also able to meet with Representative’s Steven Anderson and Michelle Mussman who are on our side. Last but not least I had coffee with Senator Pamela Althoff, she is the one who sponsored SB1992, extending the LEHP Act on the Senate side. The Board is actively reaching out to their respective legislators and getting them to understand our situation and how important it is to have professional, licensed practitioners.

The last item I would like to bring up is the adoption of the 2013 FDA Model Food Code (most parts). While attending the Central and North Chapter’s conferences I found out that out of the roughly 150 people in attendance only a very few were actively using the new Code. As we are only a year away from full implementation I thought we would ask the membership how they would feel about a special conference dedicated solely to the new rules. In the near future you might see a survey on this subject to gauge interest. I have been using the new code for a couple years now and I can honestly say that it is one of the few times the federal government has gotten something right. Switching from reactive to proactive. From giving equal weight to property maintenance violations to focusing on the conditions that will make customers sick. Understanding that society is increasingly litigious and therefore more paperwork is necessary. By the time the inspector performs the walk through most of the critical issues have been addressed. Will it take longer to inspect, yes it will. But after the first or second inspection both the proprietor and inspector will be more comfortable and then inspection times will decrease to a manageable length.

“Change is inevitable, progress is optional” – Tony Robbins

David Banaszynski
Food Safety Advisory Committee Meeting
July 19, 2017
The illinois Food Safety Advisory Committee met on June 29. A document conytaining a summey of that meeting is available below: